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Our Story

Our Story/History

As the story tells, the founder of House of chenille began producing its very first chenille robe in 2003 when they joined hands with Stan Herman to take over the chenille business throughout North America. Since then, our team has fanatically invested time and motion into the chenille hub, ensuring strict quality guidelines and smoothing the production process involved within chenille. From using the finest raw materials to stitching and packing, our design and manufacturing teams have made outstanding enhancements to make your life more comfy and cosier at home.

Our robes and other products are a perfect reflection of the work being done at HOC. For this reason we are proud to state that we are the only manufacturers in the world remaining to fabricate Genuine Chenille Cotton backed with its very own label. This allows us great flexibility in all procedures from sourcing raw materials to delivering the finest robes to your doorstep. House of chenille is a one window retailer and has the ability to produce a range of luxurious products including Chenille robes, Bed Jackets, Bedspreads, Throws and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to amaze you with the trendiest, most luxurious loungewear’s you could ask for. With a will to outdraw the entire chenille market and serve in the best interest of our customers. To promise an unforgettable customer experience that sustains long-term loyalty.

We aim to offer a classic range of products derived from high quality chenille fabrication and develop new trends based on Stan Herman’s art of work.