Every house is not called a home until people live in there and embellish it according to their own choices in order to make it lively. This is done by setting plants around the corners, maybe having pictures up the wall and adding things to your personal desires. Similarly, our tufted chenille robes and garments add something special to your home by making your wardrobe lively.

We want you to feel connected with our robes in a way that makes you feel home. Our chenille bathrobes and other garments are designed keeping you in mind because we value each and every one of our customer’s thoughts. Whether you just hopped out of shower or want to spend your evenings in a touch of grace, our chenille robes fit in almost every decent purpose. This is the beauty of tufted chenille that excites most of our customers.

Every women deserves to feel loved and affectionate by one of our chenille garments regardless it’s an occasion of day or night. These vibrant pastel colours and unique styling not only makes a women fashionable with elegance but offers her to welcome unexpected friends and relatives at home.

Our design department is very keen on selecting colours, textures, patterns and styling variations; keeping the footsteps in mind followed by the one and only Stan Herman, the heart of chenille. The fundamental of fashion designing is utmost importance to us as that is what lies in the future for House of Chenille. This highly interests our dedicated design team to enhance our existing and endeavour architecting new styles.

“Designing is just like playing with colours and patterns to build fashion into real life”

HOC Design Team, 2018

With each and every one of our chenille robes and home wares, we are constantly making sure that our products are environmentally friendly by spending amount less efforts in our testing labs on how to enhance chenille at its finest form. Our labs is one of the most important part in the making of chenille products as that is where our lovely subtle colours are invented. Our professionally trained dyeing masters store digital records of all the recipes used in dyeing and ensure extra comfort and softness in all our chenille products.

Infact, the dyeing procedure itself is one of the core part played where we add value to our products. This is due to the brilliant machinery adapted to dye tufted chenille garments which guarantees superior quality. To care for tufted piles, it is important to ensure that all chenille products are dyed after completion of stitch work rather than the fabric at first. This protects and flourishes the tufted piles of the fabric allowing us to be called invincible at quality standards.

“Quality conscious is what sets House of Chenille apart from its competitors which is worth a while for every customer to experience”.